I spend months researching each product before it ever appears in the treatment room, so you can be confident that every product that touches your skin will be of the highest quality and carefully chosen for what your skin needs at the moment.

Roccoco Botanicals Products provide a proven all-natural Healing Solution to complement my clients’ treatments with annoying to severe acne and skin ailments.    Clients requested I expand my preferred mineral sunscreen line, TIZO, to include Eye Renewal and Sheer Foam.  Osmosis MD offers a collection of clinical holistic skincare and unique internal wellness therapies.

You asked for a natural body line made with premium ingredients, and I found Native Botanicals by Body Bliss.  I also highly recommend Sheeky Lash for long, lush lashes!

All my product recommendations are tailored to your skin’s needs. Call me at 505-918-9192 to schedule your complimentary consultation and personalized Glorious Skincare solution.