Thai Herbal Poultice

Thai Herbal Poultice- The New Superhero Wholistic Facial

Introducing the Thai Herbal Poultice
(Ta Suay) Restorative Facial

Save your skin and pamper yourself with the Ta Suay rejuvenating facial massage. This amazing warm herbal compress reduces puffiness, combats fines lines, dark circles and provides immediate results for an overall facial and brow lift.  The blend of organic botanicals soothes and nourishes the facial muscles while protecting the delicate eye area.  The Thai Herbal Poultice combines an Eastern blend of acupressure and lymphatic drainage to create a refreshing day of relaxation. 

Thai Herbal Poultice

The powerful treatment finishes with Thai Wai Aromatherapy Sculpting Massage to further reduce swelling, relieve sinuses, and sculpt, detoxify, and improve nutrition to the skin.

Additional benefits you may experience…

•          Reduce puffiness & dark circles

•          Lift, contour, & sculpt brows, cheeks, & jowls

•          Reduce fine lines & wrinkles; crow’s feet & smile lines

•          Smooth complexion & Reduce pore size

•          Stimulate circulation & Improve skin nutrition

•          Relax, calm & ease muscle tension (TMJ) & headaches

•          Create muscle memory for long-term benefits

•          Detoxify & remove impurities & Facilitate the extraction process

•          Relieve sinus pressure & congestion

•          Release toxins trapped between the tissues & muscles

•          Oxygenate skin tissues & Increase lymphatic flow

•          Hydrate skin & create a healthy glow

Brimming with relaxation,
the Thai Herbal Poultice melts away tension & stress.
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