Roccoco Signature Treatments

Roccoco Botanicals designed and developed these signature treatments to obtain the best possible results- taking your facials to the next level.  Treatments will typically be about 90 minutes long and will include galvanic, microcurrent, and LED modalities.

The ultimate deep clean with advanced electrical modalities.  This facial treatment is designed to actively soften and help minimize existing congestion and prevent new formations while calming angry lesions.  Skin will feel clean, fresh and hydrated.  $125

This facial treatment is designed for those who suffer from hormonal breakouts and papules/cysts. A combination of skin purifying herbal extracts are infused into the skin to calm redness and impurities. LED light is used to inhibit bacterial growth, and stimulate collagen production, which helps to treat scarring.  $110

The Dermal Lift Rejuvenating Facial instantly gives radiance and lifts and tones the skin.  It uses a combination of active ingredients, LED, and microcurrent for the best anti-aging results.  Results are visible after 1 treatment, however a series of six treatments is optimal for the best outcome.  Results indicate continued improvement over a six-month period and results may vary.  $175

This facial gives immediate results in reducing facial redness and sensitivity. The skin is refined and softened with natural enzymes, gently removing excess skin cells, without irritating the delicate barrier. This calming treatment is also ideal for anyone with Rosacea as this leaves the skin soft, calm and hydrated.   $130

This facial treatment is suitable for the most sensitive skin experiencing melasma, sun-damage and uneven skin tones. Using enzymes, herbal extracts, and LED, this treatment instantly brightens, hydrates and refreshes the skin. Best results are seen with a series of 4 weekly treatments.  $130

Please Note: Acne Facials should be series of treatments designed to identify and treat underlying causes of Acne. This treatment is designed for anyone that has a lot of skin congestion.  Treatments are more successful when consistently done every 2-3 weeks.  Treatments include initial consultation, customized in-clinic program, reassessment and a personalized home program.

Clients attest to using the full line of Roccoco Botanical Products in their daily skincare routine for maintaining their Roccoco Signature Treatments and achieving their health and beauty goals.

Call or text Gloria to learn more about Roccoco Botanicals Signature Facials at 505-918-9192.