Gloria A. Crume 
Licensed Esthetician
Owner, Glorious Skincare

Meet Gloria Crume

After years of working in an office, I decided to take a new direction in life.  With my business and accounting background, I felt comfortable with being a small business owner, but the idea of becoming an aesthetician never crossed my mind.  I did know that I was very interested in skin care and aging gracefully.  I met a wonderful woman who owned her own beauty school, and she introduced me to the behind-the-scenes world of beauty and skin care.  The first thing I learned was aesthetics is all about science.  An aesthetician’s education involved chemistry, physiology, dermatology, and nutrition.  I became completely fascinated by how simple ingredients could change the structure and health of the skin and why the same ingredient can heal or harm depending on specific conditions. Earning my Aesthetician’s License and opening Glorious Skincare proved a wonderful and beautiful new career.

Even now, I continue my education in a broad range of areas, including facial massage, skin analysis, and trending developments in skincare ingredients. Additionally, I love meeting people and helping them discover just how good their skin is meant to feel and look.  As my clients discover and care for their own natural beauty, they enjoy the added confidence in every aspect of their lives.  I firmly believe in establishing a vested relationship with every client and developing a treatment plan and home care regimen designed to meet his or her individual goals.  Thankfully, my clients find tremendous value and radiant results with my custom-tailored skin care solutions, and I am truly thankful for their many years of loyalty.