Introducing Body Bliss- Intentional Aromatherapy

From the initial concept, Body Bliss completely focused on creating the most advanced aromatherapy products in the purest form, enhancing the health and well-being of the therapist (me) and the clients (you).

Body Bliss was formulated by and for body workers and massage therapists, who are in direct contact with the products day in and day out.  Furthermore, because I recommend my clients use these products, it becomes vitally important that the products are safe and supportive of my well-being as well as your well-being.

For this reason, I have always sought out products that are effective and match my professional aspirations. Body Bliss is sought out by therapists and spas of distinction across the country.   American Spa Magazine Professionals’ Choice Award for 2018 went to Body Bliss.  I selected the Body Bliss’s Native Botanicals product line specifically for my clientele .

Native Botanicals is Southwestern inspired, made in the USA, and uses indigenous botanicals.  The combination of its evocative scents and healing botanical raw ingredients benefits the body and spirit.  This commitment closely aligns with the philosophy of Glorious Skincare – Healthy, Supple, and Radiant Skin.

Native Botanicals by Body Bliss is a perfect gift for friends, for family, and for yourself.  Call me today!

Turquoise Sage


Organic and wild sages and lavenders make this blend purifying and calming.  Its light and herbal bouquet recalls the purity of the high desert air and promotes healing and relaxation.


Tree of Life
Tree of Life


A delicate blend of forest woods and resins wrapped around uplifting citrus notes, the Tree of Life scent recreates the Japanese tradition of Shrinrin-Yoku (taking the forest air for health).  Increased immune function and reduced stress levels are just some of the recorded health benefits that taking the forest air can bring.


Prickly Pear


Made with prickly pear extracts for their soothing and anti-inflammatory action, in combination with pure essential oils of organic citrus, white magnolia, and wild tansy, this group of products is emotionally uplifting, refreshing, and downright delicious. The addition of pomegranate seed extracts focuses on anti-aging and skin protecting qualities.



Ocean Dew


Ocean Dew products detoxify and fortify the body and replace and replenish vital minerals and nutrients. Toning and stimulating essential oils of rosemary, juniper, and thyme support detoxification by increasing circulation, moving lymph, and strengthening vascular tissue.  Lemon oil supports healthy immune function, while extracts of marine algae and magnesium salts replenish vital minerals. Algae extracts have the added benefit of increasing moisture retention in the skin.  Now formulated with magnesium, to encourage relief of muscle tension, increased energy and reduction of tension related stress.


Body Wash        $15.00

Body Lotion       $20.00

Body Polish       $25.00

Body Mist         $16.80

Body Butter      $30.00

Prices subject to change. Place your order today!

What we put in our products are the finest natural and sustainable botanical raw materials. We search the world for boutique growers and distillers of fine essential oils. Working with small collectives of farmers who produce fine, organic and ethically wild-harvested essential oils at the same time as preserving the natural environment, we are proud to formulate products that will delight your senses and offer you tangible therapeutic benefits.

We bring you the power of aromatherapy – curated without compromise

Pamela Sculthorp – CEO/Owner Body Bliss