End the Acne Angst by Banishing the Blackheads

Glorious Skincare proudly introduces
Roccoco Signature Blackhead Melting & Inflammatory Acne Treatments

Many think that acne is hormonal and that there is nothing you can do topically to treat it. Turns out, the pores underlying the acne are so overwhelmed and congested that the skin can only react to the distress. While hormones do their share to contribute to breakouts, proper unclogging of the pores allows for the healing of the lesions. The difficulty is finding the right products and treatments to remove the stubborn, clogging blackheads.

The Roccoco Signature Blackhead Melting Treatment provides an intensive deep clean using proven botanical-based science.  The congested blackheads that have been so lodged, seemingly hopelessly, into the pores are first slathered in a blackhead loosening herbal gel.  The Nettle and Pine Needle Extracts are naturally anti-inflammatory ingredients that sooth the skin.

Advanced electrical equipment further softens the blackheads and melts the mircrocomedones to prevent breakouts from forming.  Once the pores are unclogged, the traumatized skin has the chance to breathe and clear.  The treatment calms the painful lesions and the results are clearly visible.

Clients often request the LED light enhancement to shorten the healing time of the acne lesions and helps minimize the appearance of acne scarring.  The LED light has a germicidal effect on bacteria as an additional bonus to help prevent future skin aggravation.

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I intentionally introduced the Roccoco Signature Blackhead Melting Treatment as my first Roccoco customized facial to alleviate the pain and trauma that severe acne has caused my clients.  The Blackhead Melting treatment exceeded our hopes and expectations, and I quickly added the Roccoco Inflammatory Acne treatment and other Roccoco facials to my Customized Radiant Treatments with tremendous success.

Lovely Healthy SkinOf course, healing skin so traumatized by acne and skin lesions is a process.  The initial consultation evaluates the skin and the causes of the outbreaks.  I recommend a Glorious Skincare Customized Healing Solution with the optimal Clarifying Treatment and expected timeline.  Then I work with you to find a daily regimen that works with your budget and product preferences.

Now teenagers will no longer dread their high school id or yearbook photos, young adults can wear the clothing that shows their beautiful skin, and adults who wish for acne-free cheeks can smile with confidence.

Schedule your Glorious Skincare consultation to see which Clarifying Radiant Facial Treatment is for you.  Simply call or text Gloria at 505-918-9192 today.



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