Glorious Skincare Virtual Consultations

The Radiant Skin Session- Virtual Consultation

Follow up video consultations keep your skincare regimen on track, even when you are away from Albuquerque.

Even though you may not be able to enjoy your monthly Glorious Skincare customized facial, Gloria continues to care about you and your skincare goals and needs.  The Radiant Skin Session allows Gloria to check the status of your skin and enables you to ask Gloria all your skincare questions. You will have an in-depth discussion about the products you are currently using and if they are producing the results you want or need.  If new approaches or products are needed to address the change in seasons or environment, Gloria will make recommendations to fit your needs and budget.

The Radiant Skin Session virtual consultation is perfect for teens and young adults suffering from stubborn acne or simply wanting to establish healthy habits.  An increasing number of ladies and gentlemen prefer rejuvenating skincare solutions using nature-based products.  Gloria specializes in researching product ingredients and brands that work while nourishing the skin. Together, you and Gloria will find the skincare regimen that works within your lifestyle and wallet to get you the healthy, radiant skin you deserve.

How long does it take?
30-40 minutes for the Radiant Skin Session.  Gloria will follow up with a summary of your Radiant Skincare Session and customized regimen implementing your preferred and recommended skincare products.

How much?
$65 ($40 will be applied to your product purchase)

Call or text to set up your personalized Radiant Skin Session:  Gloria at 505-918-9192.


Photograph current condition of your skin:

    • Selfies without any filters.  Turn flash off
    • Pull back your hair and wash your face.  Keep hair away from face for the photos.
    • Select  a well-lit room or outside in the shade
    • Photograph…
      • Full face (where your face takes up the majority of the screen and set the focus on your forehead.
      • Right side (turn head slightly to the left and set focus on your right cheek)
      • Left side (turn your head slightly to the right and set the focus on your left cheek)
      • Forehead (chin to chest and set the focus on your forehead)
      • Eyes, nose and cheeks (set focus on your nose)
      • Mouth and chin (set focus on corner of your mouth)
      • Remember, these are not fashion shots, but a reference to your skin condition.
    • Submit photos via text or email.


Well before your Radiant Skin Session, please make your “studio” and smartphone(or other device with camera, audio and online access) are sound checked and ready to go. Prepare your studio with:

  • A table to hold device and products and chair to sit comfortably in.
  • Proper lighting to clearly see face and skin (make sure there is no backlighting), like a bright window behind you, and
  • Your fully charged or plugged in device properly positioned * vertically so you can see me and the I can see your face.
  • Ensure a quiet zone around you while the consultation is in progress.  Any urgent calls you need to answer during your consultation will only use up your consultation minutes.
  • Please make sure your WiFi or data works in your “studio”.
  • I will call you using FaceTime or Skype video.  Please be ready to begin on time.
  • As follow-up, I will send you a summary of your Radiant Skincare Session and customized regiment implementing your preferred and recommended skincare products.

*To properly position your device, you will probably need to stack boxes or books so that the camera is level with your face and so that your hands are free to take notes and not tire from holding your phone or tablet at face level.  Hopefully, you have a phone stand or tablet stand.  If not, take the time to Google “homemade phone/tablet stand).  Test your set up by FaceTiming a friend or recording a short video.

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