Dien Chan Zone – Facial Reflexology

“Your face is the mirror of your soul. . . and a reflection of your inner balance and beauty.”

We all know the power of touch, the benefit of a caress. This unique offering is guaranteed to enhance your natural radiance.  You are so worth it! Indulge and discover the healing of facial reflexology.

The yin and yang of Multireflex tool perfectly describes the effect we wish to convey.  A small facial tool is used to stimulate the facial surface, increasing the blood and lymphatic micro-circulation. This gentle yet effective tool adapts perfectly to the outlines of your face and to the smaller facial zones, such as the corners of the mouth and the eyebrows and does not penetrate or damage the skin in any way.

Designed to integrate your facial experience, this offering concludes with a grounding neck and décolleté massage.