Teen Drama Caused by Acne Trauma

Pimples, zits, blackheads, and breakouts may come with the territory of being a teenager, but why suffer the mental pressure when the pain of a monster zit is bad enough?  Guys and gals try all sorts of acne products and promises in vain attempts to clear their skin.  Little do they know the damage that can be done to their young skin by using the wrong products or harsh chemicals.  For this new school season, let’s get the correct skincare supplies and schedule for your teen.

Just like an adult, a teen has his or her own chemistry and skincare needs.  Glorious Skincare can provide a customized, daily routine to fit your teenager’s needs. For the teen experiencing breakouts, a simple 15 minute and free consultation will evaluate the current condition of the skin and a professional treatment plan and affordable home care regimen will be recommended.

For our young men and women with more serious skin conditions, schedule a longer consultation and facial for professional acne treatment and care.  The consultation will also demonstrate proper skincare techniques and recommend over-the-counter and professional products for daily cleansing.

An increasing number of teenage guys are concerned about aggressive acne and non-stop breakouts.  We have found Celluma light therapy to be a very effective treatment for acne in adults as well as teenagers. Celluma light therapy is non-toxic and non-invasive.  It works safely and effectively without abrasive chemicals to destroy-acne causing bacteria. Glorious Skincare uses professional-grade Celluma equipment that not only clears up existing blemishes, but with regular treatments, prevents future breakouts before they happen.

B. Spotlight Celluma Photo Before Teen.jpgBefore Celluma treatment

B. Spotlight Celluma After Teen8 weeks later, 2 times weekly using Celluma, No other modalities used

While breakouts are bound to happen in the teenage years, the stigma caused by acne is serious enough to find the right solution- without the fuss and waste of products that do not work.  With autumn just around the corner, make an appointment with Gloria today and see your teenager smile with his or her customized Glorious Skincare solution.