Teens and Tweens deserve proper skincare, too!

When kids go from, not a skin care in the world to obsessing about their first zit, the reflex reaction is to dry it out using some mass-produced acne product.  After all, that’s what the parents did back in their teenage years. All that nonsense needs to stop, ASAP.

Drying out the skin only worsens the problem for years to come, as do the incorrect products.  Starting teens and even tweens on a proper regimen to care for their skin is important like proper dental hygiene.

Think about it, it is too tempting to just pop a pimple or try to scratch out blackhead.  Even worse, kids might think those little white blobs under the skin are whiteheads and try to pick them out.  Avoid scarring and bad habits with by scheduling a simple 15 minute skin consult with Gloria.

B4 and After Keratozyme Tween
11-year-old with keratosis pilaris (can be mistaken for whiteheads) and congested pores. Photo on right taken just after first Keratozyme treatment.

You may find out the blemishes are not acne, blackhead should only by professionally removed, and the white stuff is actually keratosis pilaris.  Gloria shows your tween or teen how to properly care for his or her skin. Then she recommends products that work with your priorities and budget- this includes over-the-counter cleansers, LED products, and moisturizers.

Moreover, if your teen is really suffering from acne and skin maladies, Gloria has proven solutions to immensely improve severe acne cases in a short period of time.

Acne B4nA Rococò
Roccoco’s proven botanical-based acne treatments and skincare products change the lives of young adults.

The best part, the consultation is absolutely free.  Take 15 minutes and give your budding young adult a proper start to skincare! My number is 505-918-9192, call or text.

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