Jasmine Eyes Bring a Bright New Look

If 2020 is the Year of Vision, Roccoco Botanicals NEW Rejuvenation Line will have you looking refreshed and seeing  your beautiful self!

Let’s start with the most anticipated breakthrough- Roccoco’s Jasmine Eye Cream, the ONLY eye cream you will ever need again.

Jasmine Eye Cream is 99.8% natural and contains 17 powerful botanical extracts and nanogold for a powerful reduction in the visible appearance of aging in the eye area, with results visible within 1-2 days.

Jasmine Eye Promo

Jasmine Eye Cream addresses the 4 main reasons for aging around the eye area:
Decreased circulation
Capillary leakage
Continuous expression and movement
UV damage

Jasmin EC B4_After DDThe eye area is one of the first areas to age on the face. Constant motion of muscles and expression causes microcreases to begin in the eye area from as young as 21. UV damage weakens tissue and allows it to become lax, resulting in over time the lid starting to sag. The weakening of tissue under the eye allows it to stretch and for fluid to accumulate, resulting in puffiness. Jasmine Eye cream helps to combat the signs of aging around the eye area. This highly targeted eye cream targets all facets of the appearance eye aging. Puffiness, dark circles, lid sagging and fine lines and wrinkles all are diminished in appearance.

Jasmin EC B4_After UnkJasmine eye cream decreases the look of dark circles under the eye area. So even the worst insomniac will look refreshed under their eyes. Skin is toned and fluid is drained from the under eye area for a more firmer and tighter eye area.

This rich but ultra-absorbent cream smooths out expression lines, leaving the eye area perfectly hydrated and soothed.


Key benefits:

  • helps with drooping eyelids
  • reduced puffiness & dark circles
  • brightens under eye area
  • reduced expression wrinkles

Key ingredients:

  • Inchi oil – contains tocopherols to trap free radicals, therefore protecting various cellular structures against oxidative damages
  • Strawberry Seed oil – powerful antioxidant
  • Jojoba oil – anti-inflammatory
  • Jasmine flower extract – reduces the appearance of dark circles; anti-inflammatory
  • Kangaroo Paw extract – stimulates collagen and elastin production, helping to lift and firm the eye area and surrounding skin.
  • Hydrolyzed rice protein – visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Hydrolyzed pea protein – reduced the appearance of age spots
  • King Solomon’s Seal – skin brightening and lightening
  • Proline – amino acid which is a precursor of collagen formation
  • Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate – a blend of 3 molecular weights of hyaluronic acid for the ultimate in skin hydration and rejuvenation.
  • Colloidal gold – reduces the appearance of wrinkle depth by 55% in 2 months
  • Glycine – amino acid which is a precursor for collagen formation
  • Spanish lavender – anti-inflammatory and inhibits muscle contraction
  • Lactobacillus – probiotic which balances the microbiome
  • Hawthorn flower extract – rich in bioflavonoids and increases microcirculation to the skin
  • Apple fruit extract – reduces free radicals and brightens under eye area
  • Kangaroo apple extract – antioxidant and free radical scavenger

Instructions: Apply a small amount under the eye and on the eye lid. Use AM and PM for best results.

Again, Roccoco Botanicals’ Jasmine Eye Creme is the ultimate home care product for the delicate skin surrounding your eyes. Contact Gloria at Glorious Skincare 505-918-9192 to reserve your Jasmine Eye Cream!

More details on Roccoco Botanicals’ NEW Rejuvenation Line to come….