Morning Skincare Routine- Radiant Beauty

Quarantine Update:  Spring flowers and sunshine seem to conflict with our shelter-in-home orders. However, we finally have the time to properly care for our lovely skin!  Here is a simple reminder of the proper morning regimen.  Then if possible, go for a walk, work in the garden, or sit on the balcony, and enjoy the fresh air!

Your skincare routine should be nurturing and nourishing self-care that you indulge in every day.  Once you establish your skincare routine, it becomes habit, a wonderful, healthy habit.

Your morning custom skincare supplies:

  • Cleanser
  • White wash cloths, soft and gentle like baby washcloths
  • 2 x 2 wipes (I like to use these for applying Toner/Lotion because they do not absorb a lot of product.)
  • Toner/Lotion
  • Moisturizer
  • Morning Corrective
  • Sun Protection

As you follow this process, begin at the hairline and end at your décolletage (just below your collarbone):

  1. Wash your hands.  Always.
  2. For foaming cleansers: Using warm water, moisten your white washcloth, wring it out and apply gently to your face, neck and décolletage.  This step moistens and softens the skin to begin the cleanse. Then apply the appropriate cleanser.  Massage the cleanser into your skin without the use of water for the first cleanse.  Massage for about 1 minute. With the cleanser still applied, now moisten your hands with warm water and continue to massage cleanser into the skin for another minute.
    For Roccoco Oil Cleansers: Apply the cleanser on dry skin.  Massage the cleanser into your skin without the use of water for the first cleanse.  Massage for about 1 minute, and let set for another 2-5 minutes.
  3. Moisten your washcloth in warm water; place the open washcloth on your face and press gently into your skin.  Then beginning at your forehead, very gently begin to remove the cleanser.  Being very careful to be very gentle and methodical.
  4. Take a 2×2 wipe and pump enough lotion/toner to apply to your face.  In the Rhonda Allison line, the lotions/toner are the first step of the “corrective” phase of the skincare routine.
  5. Apply the Morning Corrective, such as GloBiotic Serum, Vitaskin, C-Peptide Serum, C-Stem Cell Serum, or any other custom serums, as I instructed during our consultation
  6. Apply moisturizer
  7. Apply recommended SPF for daytime
  8. Enjoy your Glorious Day.  You look Simply Radiant.